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Grassroots Logistics is a regional organization based in Nairobi and operating within East Africa, with the aim of facilitating and supporting projects aimed at empowering local communities to address conservation and poverty alleviation challenges. We also aim to support our sponsors and donors to fulfill their philanthropic, emotional and individual needs by contributing to ‘their own projects’ while ensuring that they are updated on ‘what their dollars’ have achieved.

In a sense, Grassroots Logistics therefore aims to encourage our sponsors and donors to visit the various project areas so that they can participate and have the experience rather than just donating to causes that they do not identify with. As such, we aim to work with projects that strengthen the mission and objectives of Grassroots Logistics.
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Best known as the film location ‘The Constant Gardener’, loyangalani is a harsh & remote, desert region of Northern

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This website is a showcase for the generosity of clients and organisations
who have worked
with Origins

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The Tsavo/Amboseli
eco-system is one
of Africa’s largest
untouched tracts of wilderness, in the southern
region of Kenya.

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Kalacha Women Self-Help Project, Kalacha Dida, Northern Kenya

In a bid to alleviate poverty and to improve the living standards of the local Gabbra people, a ‘self-help’ lifeline has been identified in Kenya’s remote Northern Frontier District. With the assistance of various donors, the local community has established four self-catering Bandas (Swahili for homesteads) in the area.

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British Telecom, UK and Giraffe Events build two classrooms in the bush

In the wilderness of Tsavo in southern Kenya, a small rural school recently received a huge boost from the British communications giant: British Telecom.

Kent State University, Ohio helps to train Nyangala Cluster teachers, Tsavo

In order to help improve the standards of education in rural areas, we have forged links between the teaching staff of Nyangala Cluster of schools and Kent State University, Ohio.

The Wildlife and Environmental Learning Programme

Elephant Research
Waterhole Monitoring
Vegetation Survey and Analysis